Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dec.5,2009 WPB Antique show

Well this show is a little slow. I talked to a few inside vendors and they are not doing well. Even the ones that do sell most times. Some money is being passed around outside but half the time we are covered up from the rain. It stopped raining for 2 hours today and I was able to make the booth rent. Sunday it's supposed to not rain but I have little or no faith in sunday shoppers.

Well Sunday turned out better then I thought it would. I guess since we got rained out most of the weekend everyone that couldn't see our stuff Friday and Sat. came back buying Sunday.

It could have been a pretty good show if it didn't rain so much. Many inside dealers cried yet again. But you need to remember many that cry all the time have the same items for the last 15 years priced from way back when business was thriving. They never lower their prices nor give better prices and sit and sit and sit on their stuff hoping it will sell. I can go inside at any given show and see the same items with the same prices from 15 years ago.

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  1. Well it's been a busy 3 months since I last posted. January Was pretty good selling at Vero Beach followed by WPB show. They both were way better then expected for me. Then the Feb. WPB show was very good too, Picking has been sporadic with good and bad days. But down here the good days are GREAT so it makes the bad days bearable. I'll be heading north in a couple weeks for shows and flea markets up and down the east coast. Looking for cool stuff to add to my store.