Saturday, November 28, 2009

Buying And Selling In Fl.

Let me just fill some of you in about the tactics used in south Fl markets. Thanksgiving Used to be a great day of selling up until 5 years ago. Nowadays With the Internet and everyone with a pc thinking they know more then seasoned sellers it's a little tricky buying.

I always say I would rather buy from an educated seller then a wanna be weekend warrior seller. This is why. I was out buying thanksgiving day and came upon a booth. Now picture 20 banana box's on the ground covered with all types of vintage linens 3/4 of it is damaged in some way. The linens were not in the boxes but piled on top in a huge pile like trash.

So I started digging like many before me that made the mess I was standing in, when I hear sir,sir, please put the stuff back into the boxes? I said no problem to the vendor. But none were even in any box to begin with but I tried my best to deal with the situation at hand. Next thing I hear is the vendor saying once again sir, sir, how about we terminate our business for today because you are posing a risk to my customers? I couldn't come back with any response to this crazy lady because it was so far out of left field I was kinda shocked to even hear it. So I threw down what was in my hands and told that CRAZY LADY she doesn't have anything I can't live without. And told her she can be an A-hole to someone else as I walked away.

Then I head out for another booth. Now this is another wanna be that buys warehouses of boxes and boxes were all over the booth. So I finally find a book to maybe buy from about 50 boxes. I ask the vendor how much. He tells me 1.00. As I'm putting the book into my bag he says let me see the book. So I hand him the book,and when he hands the book back tells me 5.00? Needless to say I turn around and walk away shaking my head.

These things are just a couple things I go threw picking everyday. It doesn't happen everyday but it happens often enough that when it does those vendors will never see another penny from me no matter what they have.

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