Friday, November 13, 2009

Heading For Mt. Dora Antique Show

Well it looks like I'm headed for central Fla. next week. A Friends friend is not using her space and it is being give to me. I haven't setup at that show in about 7 years. So now people that don't know me will think I'm a newbie lol. It might help sales.

I'm hoping to find some more photos and maybe a couple other items as well. Picking was kinda light this week. But I was able to buy a few things that were added to the store. Tomorrow is the United Way Garage sale in WPB. I was going to setup but they only had corner spots and wanted 80.00 and I passed. I am going to pick and Sunday I'm setting up in Wilton manners.

Been getting my truck loaded for the show next week. I'll be dragging bottom when I pull out of here lol. But at least I have a healthy load for the show and the couple flea markets I'm doing after that.

Well Happy Turkey Day to anyone and everyone that might stumble upon this blog.

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