Sunday, November 8, 2009

WPB Antique Show

Well the first show of this season went pretty well. Buying was kinda light but selling was pretty brisk. Friday and sat anyway were good sellig days. Sunday I didn't have a single sale during the whole day. I was almost all packed when a dealer wanted a pair of 1930's chevy head lights and I let them go. They were big and It was a good sale to end the show with.

Just going to pick all week if that hurricane allows me to and next sat the United Way is having another garage sale in wp again. Now that I know they don't want to pay for good stuff at that flea market i'm going to bring enough stuff to pay the rent, and mainly i'm going to buy stuff.

I missed a lot of stuff at the last show. This time I'm ready and will concentrate on buying more then selling.

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