Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sad Show At Mt.Dora,Fl

Well it was a pretty weak show last weekend. I spoke to many other vendors and most said it was their worse show ever. My friend Donna had a few big sales but she just turned her money over with no profit. Or very little profits.

I did hear a few say it was ok but not great. My show was pretty bad. In 3 days of selling I only sold 1 thing for 35.00,everything else I sold was under that amount with many 10.00 sales or less. Many customers are only offering half the sticker price for our stuff. And the last person that wanted something from me was offering me 1/5 what it was priced. And the cup was only priced at 25.00 so he offers 5.00?! HUH? Whats wrong with that picture?

Well at least my space was free or it would have been a big waste of time. After that show I went to a dirt flea market for Monday. And that was even worse. I only bought 2 pieces of jewelry for resale and made ZERO dollars. So I'm out the 15.00 it cost to setup and picking was terrible!

Well I'm back in south Fl. for a few weeks then after Christmas shows start up again. So it's back to cranking stuff on ecrater until I'm on the road once again.
-----------HAPPY THANKSGIVING--------------

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